Installation Support

With Easy Track’s unique rail system, installing your custom organization system is a snap. Just mount the sturdy, heavy-duty rail to the wall, then hang your Easy Track organization system onto the rail. It’s easy to add more products and accessories to the kits anytime you'd like to expand or customize your solution.

Download the installation instructions.

How to Install the Easy Track Rail


Install FAQ

Q: What tools will I need to install an Easy Track closet system?
A: You’ll want a stud finder, a tape measure, a level, a #2 Phillips drill head, a hacksaw (but only if you decide to cut the hanging rods and Easy Track rail), 1/8" and 1/2" drill bits and a drill.

Q: How high should I hang the Easy Track rail?
A: We recommend that you hang the rail 76" from the floor (which will put the top of the product 84" from the floor). This height can be adjusted up or down a couple of inches according to your specific needs.

Q: I have a closet with an odd width. How do I adjust the Easy Track starter unit to fit?
A: Make your adjustment in the hanging section (rods) of your closet. Cut the closet rods to decrease the width of the kit for a better fit.