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Easy Track do-it-yourself organization systems help you turn your closets, pantry areas, and more into beautifully organized spaces that will give you peace of mind for years to come. We offer you our very best kit-based solutions that provide everything you need to design, purchase and install in just one day.

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4' to 8' Basic Starter Kit

This kit includes everything you need to get your closet organized in one box. Designed to fit spaces from 4-8 feet wide, it creates up to 14 feet of hanging space in an 8-foot closet.
Available in White.

4' to 8' Deluxe Tower Closet

DIY goes deluxe with this closet starter kit, providing all of the materials you need to create your own custom closet in a single box. The kit includes four vertical panels, three 24” shelves, and wardrobe rods that fit together in multiple ways, letting you tailor it to your wardrobe and organizational needs.
Available in Natural Cherry, White, or Truffle.

Hanging Hutch Kit

This kit allows for deeper drawers for increased storage capacity. Customize your drawer options by adding four 8" drawers or two 12" and one 8" drawer. Use this kit as a standalone product or mix it in with other Easy Track kits and components.

Hanging Tower Closet

This kit can be used as a standalone product or with the Basic Starter Kit shown above. It's easy to add shelves, drawers, baskets or rods to customize your closet.